Pocahontas Wax Museum

Student: Patricia Arreola

Pocahontas Wax Museum will consist of Pocahonta’s biography and significance in history.


The Evolution of the American Dream

Student: Andrew Bell

This paper explores the genesis of the American Dream and how it has evolved throughout the course of history. This research will examine the overthrow of England’s government, and which documents were examined to help form the concept of the American Dream in the Declaration of Independence. Furthermore, this paper explores different time periods ranging from the early 1900’s to 2000’s in order to determine how individuals have perceived the American Dream over time, and how society and culture has shaped the idea of the American Dream. In order to determine perception of the American Dream, research will examine political party influence, presidential influence, television, home ownership, famous speakers, and income. To conclude the paper, a review of the American dream will be conducted for 2012 in order to reveal how strong individuals believe the American Dream is today.

Interning at the Pioneer Museum, Fredericksburg, Texas

Students: Lacey LeBleu, Meaghan Jarnecke

Interning at the Pioneer Museum in Fredricksburg during this semester has given Meaghan and I the opportunity to help with multiple projects in the field of History through the education of the museum system.  Though we are working on separate projects, we are both beginning to learn and understand many important aspects of the business side of successfully operating a museum; the field we would both like to enter into in the future. Meaghan is currently working with Dr. James Lindley on a Civil War Post Office project for the Pioneer Museum in correlation to the sesquicentennial anniversary of the Civil War.  I have been working to aid the museum in becoming an audio museum by the writing of scripts to be read by German descendants living in and around Fredericksburg.  We would like to explain the importance of our internships to both the museum and to our futures by explaining the many things we have learned in our short time at the Pioneer Museum.